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Some bits of info: - September 12, 2014

1) Our Kickstarter Campaign FUNDED!!!  Thanks to all you generous participants.  I will be in touch about rewards and make sure you get your CDs and downloads and such, in mid-October.  You in fact may wish to attend the CD RELEASE SHOWS, Oct 11 at the Dance Hall in Kittery, Me, and Oct 12 at the Davis Square Theatre in Somerville, MA.  Jason Anick will be sitting in on mandolin, and his quartet will be sharing the bill with us.

2) I have put up many of my songs as picture-filled youtube videos, so you may check them out at your leisure and consider downloading the CDs from whence they came.  This is the link:

3) Also, Fugue Mill now has a Youtube Channel, thanks to the vociferous hawking I've been doing of the Kickstarter campaign:

Fugue Mill Kickstarter - July 31, 2014

Hi everybody!  I launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the completion of Fugue Mill's debut CD.  It goes until September 1st, 2014!  Please consider participating!

ESP launches Kickstarter fan-funding project! - March 24, 2011

Hey there.  I play with some amazing singers and people who call themselves ESP (Emily Browder, Sandi Hammond, Patrice Williamson, Em, Sandi, Patrice, hence ESP...).  We've been gigging around New England the past few years, and now we've launched a Kickstarter campaign so our fans can pre-order or help fund our upcoming studio recording.  Check out this link.

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